Custom Gaming PC Case Builder

Dave’s been tinkering with PCs for decades, and in that time has come close to losing a few fingers on poorly-crafted cases. That’s why he’s always keen to find the best cases that provide good airflow, easy upgrades, and superb cable management. This behemoth of a case, the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D is one that ticks all those boxes.

While pre-built systems are fine for those who don’t want to tinker, building your own system gives you free rein over aesthetics. You can choose a case that matches your room’s decor or fits your gaming style, while picking components with the right colors and visual flair to match. Custom PC builders can also add a unique flavor to their builds with specialized customization options, such as UV printing and laser etching.

If you don’t have the time or confidence to build your own system, many online companies offer a streamlined configuration process that lets you start with a pre-built starting point and tweak it from there. CyberPowerPC, for example, asks users to input their top games, budget, and screen resolution and then offers a curated list of parts that meet their needs. It also provides a 0% APR six-month financing option for users who don’t have the cash on hand upfront. custom gaming pc case builder

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