Cybersecurity in Connecticut

From guarding top-secret plans for nuclear submarines to protecting corporate assets, cybersecurity is a necessity in Connecticut. And the state is proving proactive in its approach to fighting cybercrime. To protect the integrity of the 2020 election, for example, Connecticut will use $5 million to ensure that foreign hackers cannot gain access to voter information databases. And to boost the security of local businesses, Connecticut has launched a Cybersecurity Center of Excellence that will leverage existing synergies at CHASE, CSI, and VoTeR to investigate, develop, promote, and nurture best hardware and software-based cybersecurity practices for indispensible defense and commercial (insurance, telecommunications) application domains.

The state has also begun incentivizing businesses’ voluntary adoption of nationally recognized cybersecurity best practices, which have been shown to substantially reduce the risk of cyber-attacks — in some cases, by up to 86%. And to better support small and mid-sized businesses, the state is working with federal and private sector partners to offer training for free to Connecticut’s smaller companies.

And, perhaps most importantly, Connecticut is teaching the cybersecurity experts of tomorrow at an early age. The state’s K-12 schools are incorporating basic cyber concepts into their curriculum, and many colleges have added courses in cybersecurity to their rosters. For those interested in pursuing a career in this field, there are 28 four-year colleges and 12 two-year colleges to choose from in Connecticut. Students considering a cybersecurity program should take several factors into consideration, including tuition costs, cost of living, and job placement rates. cybersecurity connecticut

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