How to Get Medical Marijuana in New York

Marijuana can ease pain that doesn’t respond to other drugs. It can also control nausea and vomiting, including that caused by cancer chemotherapy. It can stimulate appetite in people who don’t eat enough because of conditions like HIV/AIDS or anorexia. It can help lower pressure inside the eye (glaucoma).

In New York, patients are allowed to designate a caregiver to purchase, grow, and prepare marijuana for them. Caregivers must be registered with the state and have a valid medical marijuana registry ID card. Patients can possess up to eight ounces of usable marijuana.

Medical marijuana is legal in many states, and more are approving it as medicine. The first step to getting medical marijuana is having a doctor certify that you have a debilitating condition that could be treated with the drug. If your doctor believes that marijuana will improve your quality of life and symptoms, they’ll write a letter for you that can be used to get a medical marijuana card.

If you’re in New York, you can find a physician who can help you at a clinic registered with the state. Or you can use a telemedicine provider that’s already registered with the state, such as NuggMD. The best part about using a telemedicine service to see a medical marijuana doctor is that they only bill you if you’re approved!

Then you’ll be able to buy medical marijuana at registered dispensaries. It’s important to remember that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, so it can’t be carried across state lines and you can’t drive while under the influence of it. how to get medical marijuana

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