How to Style a Business Casual Suit

Business casual suit is a dress code that allows for a more relaxed look in the office while still retaining a professional and polished appearance. This is a style that can be difficult to master, as it requires balance and an understanding of what looks good and what doesn’t.

The most important component of this style is the blazer. When shopping for a blazer, it is best to avoid gold buttons and stick with dark colors like navy blue. You can also choose a single-breasted or double-breasted option, depending on your preference, but be sure to opt for a slim fit rather than a regular or classic fit.

If you want to make your blazer more casual, try wearing it over a solid t-shirt in the same color as the blazer or go for a shirt with a collar. Just be careful to avoid t-shirts with graphic prints, as these are too informal and can clash with the rest of your look.

You’ll also want to choose a pair of pants that are smarter than your typical jeans but less formal than chinos. Pants in navy, charcoal, or grey work well with this attire and can be paired with a plain t-shirt or a button down shirt.

Finally, you’ll need to pick a pair of shoes that are comfortable and suitable for the office. It is recommended to stick with leather shoes, such as Oxfords, Derby’s, Brogues, or Monk Straps in a neutral color like brown or black to avoid looking too dressed up. Business casual suit

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