Is Skinny BBL Right For You?

If you have a slim, athletic frame and desire to add a little more “booty” but don’t have significant excess fat elsewhere in the body, Skinny bbl may be right for you. During a consultation, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon can evaluate your specific concerns and aesthetic goals to determine whether this procedure is a good fit.

Skinny bbl is a variation of the traditional BBL that is specifically tailored to lean, smaller-framed patients. While a regular BBL requires enough fat volume to create a dramatic change in the buttocks, the skinny version allows for a more natural-looking result by focusing on shape instead of size.

Achieving a skinny bbl involves liposuction to remove unwanted fat from the hips, abdomen, and thighs. Since athletes typically have a slim lining of fat throughout the body, this procedure is more effective in lean patients because they tend to maintain a lower BMI. Thanks to advances in fat harvesting techniques and cannulas, it is now possible for lean patients to receive a BBL with results that are just as dramatic as those of heavier patients.

However, this is not an ideal treatment option for individuals who are medically underweight. Because of the risks associated with low weight, plastic surgeons will not clear a patient for cosmetic surgery until they reach an appropriate BMI. In these cases, other options for enhancing the buttocks include biostimulatory Sculptra injections and silicone butt implants. However, it is important to understand that these procedures cannot replace a healthy diet and exercise routine for sustainable results. skinny bbl results

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